NekoLauncher openMSX v1.3 リリース

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 MSXエミュレータ openMSX 0.8.1 用のランチャー「NekoLauncher openMSX v1.3」をリリースしました。今回はずいぶん長い期間開発していた気がします、ほぼ毎日デバッグ作業してました。大まかな更新内容は以下の通りです。

・openMSX 0.8.1 に対応、追加された機能や変更された内容を修正。
・自動 IPSパッチ機能を追加。
・Audioタブに Mute/Solo/REC メニューを追加。
・Sound mixer buffer : を追加。
・Sound Channel / Sound chip Profile を追加。
・OSD Menu ウインドウを追加。

詳しい内容は付属の「Version history」をお読み下さい。何か不具合などがありましたらお知らせ下さい。

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  1. really より:

    Domo, Jazzin-san! Eigo hanasemasuka?

    I’m having issues with the control board for NekoLauncher. It’s nowhere to be seen anymore… Here’s a copy of my question, posted on

    “Hello guys! I’m new on this forum, so feel free to redirect me to more appropriate places to ask you this.

    Ok, so here’s what I did:
    -Download and successfully launch openmsx 0.8.1 on my Mac OS X 10.5.8
    -Successfully launch mg2ss rom
    -Download and successfully launch NekoLauncher 1.3 (NL)
    -Set things up using the user-friendly interface, relaunch mg2ss
    -Play for a while, save state, load state, all is good
    -Quit NL
    -Relaunch it and BAM : no more control board/console/panel/whatever it’s called.

    So basically, now, it’s just as if I launched OpenMSX. No more interface. Options in the menus on top of the screen are just for minimize window or hide window, etc…
    The menu bar is similar to OpenMSX, except the name (“Neko Launcher OpenMSX”…
    I can still play the game, but how to get NL’s interface back???

    I’m quite noobish, so any question about my situation or detailed help is very much appreciated!



    And the only answer I got :
    “I already saw this weird behaviour, and I’m not quite sure what caused it. AFAICR, it was something related with openMSX vs Nekolauncher versioning.

    You probably will need to contact Jazzin directly to ask for help.

    Try commenting on his page:

    Can you help me? I hope you can help me retrieve that awesome interface you made!


  2. really より:

    Mmmh… Problem with your comment thread?

  3. really より:

    Oh, it works, now. Sorry for flooding. You can erase these last two comments :)

  4. really より:

    Argh… I meant: your comment feature works. My NekoLauncher still has the same problem. Sorry for posting again u_u’

  5. Jazzin より:

    I confirm it.
    Please throw away a Preferences file.