uCON64 2.0.2 リリース

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 ROMユーティリティツール uCON64 2.0.2 がリリースされていました、久しぶりの更新ですね。公式の changes.html が古いままなので詳しいアップデート内容は分からないのですが・・、とりあえず v2.0.0 から v2.0.2 で変更されたものは以下の通りです。

-r		process subdirectories recursively
--xreset	reset parallel port
--hfind=HEX	find HEX codes in ROM; use quotation --hfind="75 ? 4f 4e"
 		(wildcard: '?')
--hfindr=HEX	like --hfind but looks also for shifted/relative similarities
		(no wildcard supported)
--dfind=DEC	find DEC values in ROM; use quotation --dfind="117 ? 79 78"
		(wildcard: '?')
--dfindr=DEC	like --dfind but looks also for shifted/relative similarities
		(no wildcard supported)

Game Boy Advance (SP)
--sc		convert to Super Card (CF to GBA Adapter)
		(creates SAV and SCI templates)
Nintendo DS
--nds		force recognition
-n=NEW_NAME	change internal ROM name to NEW_NAME
--logo		restore ROM logo character data
--chk		fix ROM header checksum

Super Nintendo Entertainment System/SNES/Super Famicom
--idnum=NUM	make -gd3 produce file names where first file has numerical
		identifier NUM, next NUM + 1, etc. 
--mksrm		create *.srm (SRAM) file with size based on ROM information

--xqd16		send ROM to Quickdev16

  --coleco      force recognition

Nintendo Virtual Boy
  --vboy        force recognition

--help[=WHAT]	display help and exit
		WHAT="long"   show long help (default)
		WHAT="pad"    show help for padding ROMs
		WHAT="dat"    show help for DAT support
		WHAT="patch"  show help for patching ROMs
		WHAT="backup" show help for backup units
		WHAT="disc"   show help for DISC image support
		--help --snes would show only SNES related help

DATabase (support for DAT files)
--rdat		rename ROMs to their DATabase names
		use -o to specify an output directory
--r83		rename to 8.3 filenames
--rjoliet	rename to Joliet compatible filenames

Nintendo 64
--chk		fix ROM checksum
		supports 6101, 6102, 6103, 6105 and 6106 boot codes

Nintendo Entertainment System/NES/Famicom/Game Axe (Redant)
--ntsc		specify TV standard is NTSC (UNIF/iNES only)
--pal		specify TV standard is PAL (UNIF/iNES only)

DATabase (support for DAT files)
--rename	→	--rdat
--rr83		→	--r83
--force63	→	--rjoliet


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